you can do it


You can do this! Let us give you our 25 years of experience and teach you how to handle your water damage situation easily. We’ll give you FREE step by step training that will make it simple for anyone to do. It’s not worth paying thousands of dollars to someone that in some cases has less training than you will have after watching the training videos. OR, Let us come help YOU..We can be at your home within 60 minutes.

you can do this


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  • Instructions
  • Tools Needed (We supply)
Assessing The Damage
What You Will Learn:

  • How To shut off your water

  • Why call DIY Flood

  • How to save your contents

  • How to assess the damage

  • How to check walls and floors

  • How to prevent mold

Extraction Of Water
What You will learn:

  • How to setup the equipment

  • How to select the right tools

  • How to extract water from carpets

  • How to pullup pad (if needed)

  • How to test for dryness

Setting the Equipment
What you will learn:

  • How to setup the Air Movers

  • How to set the dehumidifier

  • How to apply mildewcide

  • How to test for dryness

Final Assessment
What You will learn:

  • How to know when it is dry

  • How to clean up equipment

  • Getting an insurance bid

  • Repairing structure damage

  • Working with insurance companies